About Me

I am a fifteen-year-old Christian homeschooler who has graduated high school. I’m learning web development and data science.

Currently, I’m making some free projects (front- and backend) for people while I gain professional experience.

How I started coding

I was eleven when my mom was pregnant with my little brother. Her midwife introduced me to Khan Academy. It was great using Processing.js to draw things, make simple games, and such. Soon after, I moved on to Freecodecamp.

I picked up many of my skills there and accelerated in web development fast. I continued learning there for about two or three years. Shortly after, I joined a local coding competition on Khan Academy and that really helped me.

I then learned some server-side backend coding from Codecademy and I I’m now a fullstack developer. Recently, I started making a ton of great fullstack projects.

What I'm doing now

While waiting to enter a university next year, I am going to practice making some free websites for people in my spare time. I have just made one for my church, my dad's business, and will make some more for some others in the future. Right now, I'm learning Data Science, Fullstack Development, and More.

In the future

In the future, I will try to get a job as a Data Scientist and will still work on Fullstack Development on the side. When I turn 16, I will enter an online university where you can get a college degree.

Things I use