Conner Ow

Using the arts of Web Development

About Me

I am a fifteen-year-old christian homeschooler that has graduated high school and is learning web development and data science. At the moment, I'm making some free projects for people since I don't have a job yet so I can practice making websites. I am moderately skilled in frontend and backend development.


My Work

Some of my best projects are listed here. You can find my entire showcase here


DreamForgerJS is a Javascript Library for making Interactive Fiction (text adventure) games. It is still in an early stage but it is funtional!


Khan Academy's coding environment was really small so I decided I'd expand it my making a little project. A max of five frontend projects would be saved in the user's Local Storage (aka Cookies). It's not the best place for frontend development, but a benefit is a live preview that updates as you code.


Datatron was my first fullstack project ever. It was pretty good until some people started reporting major bugs in it. You can still use it a bit. I'm thinking about making a version 2 in the future if I have time.

Pixel Art Editor

If you like art or retro games, you'd love to use this. You can make efficient printouts in P5.js, Processing.js, and you can also download the pixel art you've made! Extra features include a custom-size brush and a circular drawing tool.

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